Once the Property is Listed

Selecting the right Estate Agent is important, but you also need to ensure that they perform to the standard you expect.

To check if you have the right Estate Agent, go online and ensure your property appears on the portals, then call (or get a friend to call) them to ask: “What properties do you have with (say) 2 or 3 bedrooms in ZZZ area, between £X,000 and £Y,000” (e.g. in your locality, £10,000 above and below the price yours is listed at).

Your property should be the first (or one of the early ones) they describe, and they should be highlighting the features and suggesting a viewing. If they don’t you should ask yourself whether or not you have the right Estate Agent.

Make notes on what they say and if you’re not satisfied with the way they handled the enquiry, call back and ask to speak to the Manager or Owner. Feedback your comments, and then repeat the process a bit later (changing the details slightly).

If it does turn out that the Agent isn’t doing justice to your property then you can look at switching to another Agent once the contract period is over (and if you’ve secured a short contract, e.g. 4 weeks, you won’t have lost too much time).

Accepting An Offer

Often the most difficult aspect of selling a house is knowing whether or not to accept an offer. It is rare to be offered the full asking price, and so you will almost certainly have to decide whether or not to accept an offer for less than the advertised price.

Top Tip – decide, before you put your house on the market, how much you will be happy to accept, based on how quickly you want to sell, how much equity you need to release, and so on.

It’s much easier to remain clear minded once you do receive an offer if you have already been through this thought process. You might also want to set a lower figure as a fall back, if for example, the offer takes more than 3 months to get, or there are other benefits such as the Buyer agreeing to complete within 4 weeks.

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By Richard Watters

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