How to Sell Without an Estate Agent

You don’t have to use an Estate Agent. You can sell privately if you wish.

Unless you actually know someone who wants to buy your property, and are confident that you know what the value is, you will need to advertise it.

As a minimum, to sell privately you will need to place a For Sale board on the property itself.

Unless you advertise your property on the main property portal, Rightmove, you will not create much awareness of it, so you’ll probably be wasting your time trying to sell your own house unless you do this. However individuals are not allowed to do this, as Rightmove (and all the other major portals) only allow approved business customers to use their platform, and require a contract and monthly fee to do this.

Therefore the best way to sell privately is to use one of the “For Sale by Owner” (FSBO) websites. These allow you to upload pictures and a description of your property to their website, which feeds through to the property portals such as Rightmove.

Some will also supply additional support such as a For Sale board.

One of the drawbacks of selling a property privately has been that there is no Estate Agent to carry out the viewings if you are unwilling or unable to do them yourself. However there are now companies such as Access2View who provide services to private sellers (and online Estate Agents) so this need not be a problem.

Selling this way can be a very cost effective way to sell your own house if you are inclined to put some time and effort into it and, of course, negotiate with potential buyers yourself.

Estate Agents will of course argue that without their expertise when it comes to valuing and negotiating you might lose more than you will gain by saving money on their fees. Only you can judge if you feel you have the necessary knowledge and expertise to make selling privately the most profitable route in overall terms.

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By Richard Watters

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