2 Selling to a Quick Cash Buyer

Selling to a quick house buyer is an option whatever your circumstances, although it is more suited to people who need to sell rather than just want to sell.


  • Speed – a Cash Buyer can guarantee a quick sale, within a few days if urgent
  • Certainty – not subject to the issues that can affect a sale to a residential buyer


  • You will not achieve full value for your property with a quick house buyer
  • There are some unscrupulous individuals involved in this sector so you need to do your research on them

How It Works

Cash buyers offer to buy your house quickly. You can often sell your house within 7 days (although in reality, a 4 week completion is more normal unless there is a critical deadline).

Typically for a straightforward quick sale, Cash Buyers offer around 75% of the open market value (open market value is the price that the property could reasonably be expected to sell for within 3 months in the current market).

The valuation is undertaken by them or their nominated Surveyor, and is usually less than the asking price an Estate Agent would have advertised the property at.

A typical scenario on a property would be…

Estate Agent advertised price: £150,000

Open Market Value: £140,000

Quick House Buyer cash offer: £105,000

The offer made by such a Cash Buyer might seem unreasonably low. However in most cases the properties will be sold on by them, either via the open market or at Auction, and still at a discount to the market value, to achieve a quick sale.

In addition the buying, selling and financing costs can be considerable. In an uncertain property market Cash Buyers are also going to build in a contingency for prices falling between when they buy and sell.

A quick sale to a Cash Buyer should only be considered where the benefits of a quick sale outweigh the drawback of a reduced profit.

Reasons for choosing a quick sale

Typical reasons why people sell to cash buyers are:

  • Need to sell quickly to avoid repossession
  • Need money quickly for some reason, e.g. Business, debt repayment
  • Need to complete quickly on a house purchase, e.g. the purchase of a new property has been agreed at a reduced price only if the completion is achieved quickly

Types of Cash Buyers

Cash Buyers generally fall into two categories – companies, most of whom buy nationwide – and individuals, mostly local Investors.

There are many such companies and individuals – a search for a term such as “sell my house fast “or “a quick sale” will bring up numerous options. Some of the Advertisers you see online will be companies.

You will also usually see a number of companies purporting to be Buyers who in fact will ask you for details of your property and then sell the “lead” on to other companies or individuals. They will usually state that they will find you the highest bidder for your particular property, although in reality it is usually whoever pays the most for the lead that will get it!

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By Richard Watters

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