Home Staging

It’s worth considering home staging in order to present your home in the best possible light.

The aim of course is to sell your home for the highest price you can as quickly as possible. Anyone who has seen the popular House Doctor series presented by Ann Maurice will know what a difference the right presentation can make to a property’s desirability and value!

Why Stage a House?

At a time when the market is slow and Buyer’s can be choosy, anything you can do to make your property stand out from similar properties in your area is worth considering.

Home Staging is particularly appropriate for properties that are empty – perhaps because someone has already moved to their new home and taken all the furniture with them.

An empty house can look soulless, and of course all the marks and blemishes will be much more apparent! A few well-chosen and stylish pieces of furniture and some soft furnishings can make a house seem like a home again.

Of course even if you’re living in the property you can still stage it. Often the trick here is as much about what you take away rather than what you add.

Consider storing junk in the loft or garage, and adding a few well-chosen pieces that will appeal to the type of buyer you’re likely to attract for your type of property.

Use a Home Stager or DIY?

If you have an eye for design and are able to look at your property objectively (as a potential buyer would) then you can stage a house yourself.

Most of us don’t have these skills though, so it’s worth considering paying a specialist Home Stager. Specialist Home Stagers are usually experienced and qualified Interior Designers.

Using a specialist is particularly worthwhile on an empty property. To stage a house yourself would probably require you to buy the items, whereas Home Staging companies usually have a stock of items that you can hire from them on a short-term basis, which is more cost effective.

If you decide to stage a house yourself, make sure you do it before the photographs are taken and the property is marketed. A good first impression when potential buyers view it online is vital to ensure you attract as many viewers as possible.

A quick Internet search will enable you to find individuals or companies who provide this service in your area.

Costs of Home Staging

It’s worth talking to a Home Stager first to get an indication of what it will cost, as you need to judge whether the cost will be justified by a quicker sale, a higher price, or, ideally, both.

To many people, paying someone to make what might appear to be cosmetic and superficial changes may seem unnecessary.

In the USA, where the concept of home staging is better established, Realtor (Estate Agent) surveys claim that time on the market is reduced by one third and price achieved is 10% higher when a professional Home Stager is used.

By Richard Watters

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