Countdown to Moving Checklist…

So, you’ve agreed a sale and everything is on track to complete in a few weeks time…

Now’s the time to start planning the many things you need to do before you move. Here’s a handy moving checklist to help you to remember everything in your countdown to moving.

You can download a copy of the checklist to print off and use as you go through the process of moving by clicking here.

4 weeks before moving

  • Get quotes from Removal companies and book the one you prefer
  • Dispose of all surplus items – give to friends, charities, take to the local tip or use, sell on Ebay, etc
  • If moving to new locality, research a new Doctor and Dentist and ask them to register you
  • Contact new schools to advise of children’s start date
  • Cancel any subscriptions if moving out of the area – Gyms, clubs, etc (you might need to give a month’s notice)

3 weeks before moving

  • Start packing any items you don’t need until after you’ve moved. Remember to label boxes clearly to make it easier for when you move in!
  • Start removing items attached to walls and ceilings that you are taking with you (e.g. Light fittings, mirrors, shelves, pictures etc).
  • If you have any pets that are likely to be unsettled by moving, arrange for them to be away or looked after on the day of the move (possibly longer).

2 weeks before moving

  • Think carefully about what food to buy from now on. Aim to use up all frozen items and perishables before you move.
  • Cancel deliveries of newspapers, milk etc.

1 week before moving

  • Inform all service providers of your change of address:

    Utility companies(Gas, Electric, Water)
    Council (re Council Tax)
    TV licence
    Electoral Roll
    Inland Revenue
    Insurance companies
    Satellite/Cable TV
    Phone, mobile phone
    Credit cards etc.
    Arrange mail redirection. See
  • Defrost and clean the freezer
  • Arrange with Estate Agent and/or solicitors key handover arrangements for your old and new properties
  • Pack important personal documents, jewellery, etc securely, ready to take with you on moving day
  • If you don’t want the stress of cleaning your house on the day you leave, arrange Professional Cleaners, Oven Cleaners, etc

The day before moving

  • Pack a box of items that will be needed immediately at your new home (e.g. light bulbs, toiletries, toilet rolls, tea, coffee, milk, cups, some cutlery, kettle etc).
  • Contact your removal company to confirm their arrival time and notify them of any last minute details.
  • Clean any rooms and items that you can, prior to removal of goods
  • Advise neighbours if they need to park vehicles elsewhere to allow access for Removal vans
  • Check that you have received confirmation of registration with new Doctor and Dentist

Moving day!

  • Organise and set aside any items that you are taking with you so that they don’t get loaded on the van by mistake.
  • Write down your meter readings and ring these through to your utility companies.
  • Strip beds and pack bedding
  • Clean the house
  • Ensure all windows are closed and doors locked.
  • Before leaving, double check you haven’t left anything behind.
  • If setting alarm ensure new owner is informed of alarm code
  • Hand keys to your solicitor or Estate Agent
  • Collect the keys for your new property
  • Move in to your new home!

Once you’ve moved in

  • Review existing Utility suppliers and tariffs – switch to cheaper provider. If you’re not sure who your Supplier is, call the numbers below:To find out who supplies your Gas, call the Meter Number Helpline on 0870 608 1524.To find out who supplies your Electricity, call your regional electricity distribution number. The numbers are as below:

    Scotland North  0845 026 2554
    Scotland South  0845 270 9101
    North East England  0845 601 3268
    Yorkshire  0845 330 0889
    Merseyside and North Wales  0845 270 9101
    North West England  0870 751 0093
    Eastern England  0870 196 3082
    Southern England  0845 026 2554
    South West England  0845 601 2989
    South East England  0845 601 5467
    London  0845 601 5467
    South Wales  01752 502299

If you would like your own copy of the checklist to print off and keep then you can download it here.

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