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The 5 Ways to Sell a House

Here we explain the various options different ways to sell a house, and the things you should consider before deciding which is the best way option for you:

  1. Using an Estate Agent
  2. Selling to a Quick House Buyer
  3. Selling at Auction
  4. Equity Release
  5. Creative Options

How Much is My House Worth?

We show you how you can use a number of online resources to do a detailed property valuation.

This is particularly useful if you are about to ask Estate Agents for a valuation so that you can see how your assessment compares with theirs.

Read the article How Much is My House Worth? here.

How to Choose An Estate Agent

Picking which Estate Agent to use is one of the most important decisions you will make when you sell your property.

We explain the pros and cons of using both traditional Estate Agents and online Estate Agents.

We also tell you what to look for when you are selecting an Estate Agent and how to test them before you agree to go ahead.

Read the article How to Choose An Estate Agent here.

How to Sell for the Highest Price

We tell you the best time to sell, and what things you can do to make your property as attractive as possible to potential buyers.

Read the article How to Sell for the Highest Price here.

How to Sell Even in Negative Equity

If your property is worth less than your mortgage (and secured loans, if applicable) you might think you have no chance of selling. It will be impossible to sell in the traditional way but there may be other solutions open to you.

Read the article How to Sell Even in Negative Equity here.

The Costs of Selling (and Buying)

We itemise all the costs involved so that you can do your sums before you sell. This is particularly important if you are buying another property at the same time (we also tell you about the costs of buying a property so that you have the full picture).

Read the article The Costs of Selling (and Buying) here.

Help! I’m being repossessed!

If you’ve fallen behind with your mortgage repayments and are unable to agree a satisfactory plan with your Lender(s), you are at risk of having the property repossessed.

Don’t panic! You almost certainly have more time than you think before the property is repossessed.

We explain the repossession process and timescales and explain the options open to you to minimise the impact.

Read the article Help! I’m being repossessed! here.

Creative Ways to Sell

There are more ways to sell a property than a traditional sale. Option Agreements for example, often used in commercial transactions, can also be used for residential sales.

We show you possible solutions you probably haven’t come across before.

Read the article Creative Ways to Sell here.

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