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    Hi guys,

    After harassing my solicitors for a while we were finally in a position to complete the purchase of a house on Friday (gone). I have to say impossible to contact and sometimes I felt like they were not sure what they were doing but everything was set up for the Friday. We were first time buyers and the vendors were moving into an empty flat so minimal chain.

    Anyway on the day of completion we could not get in touch with our solicitor – usual in a meeting or on a call. When I finally got through at half 3, they told me that they had only just received the payment from my mortgage company (3.20pm) and therefor could not complete the transfer as their bank stops chaps payments at 3.30pm. After questioning the lack of information given to us and literally no contact throughout the day they became very defensive and the conversation heated.

    I contacted my mortgage company and they said payment was processed and transferred at 10am on the day and they only guarantee same day transfer. They said they recommended requesting payment one day earlier.

    My question is: if chaps can be this unreliable then how do people complete chains in one day??

    The lack of any contact from my solicitor makes me doubt their story, is there any way of me taking this further?

    The vendors who are a lovely couple had dropped their keys off at the estate agent at 9am and had been waiting with a removal van all day. We informed the agent now quite late in the day and they relayed the message to the vendors. We tried to call them (home phone disconnected) and went round in the evening but they were no longer in the home.

    The completion is set for tomorrow and we shouldn’t have a problem, delay is only a weekend but I feel sorry for the vendors and annoyed at my solicitor. Also, will I be liable to pay compensation to the vendor?

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Thank you

    Richard Watters
    Richard Watters

    Ah, a story about inefficient Conveyancing Solicitors, now if I had a £ for every one of those…

    Sadly scenarios like this are all too common.

    Clearly they were at fault in not requesting the mortgage funds a day earlier. The seller could claim compensation from you (a couple of day’s interest so not a huge sum). However they could also claim for any expenses they occurred as a result,for example if the delay meant that they couldn’t complete and had to stay in a hotel.

    You could then claim this from your solicitor. As you can imagine this isn’t easy as they are the legal experts and will invariably deny any liability.

    Hopefully because yours and the vendor’s circumstances mean the actual “loss” was minimal this will prove to be just an annoying inconvenience.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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