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    Paul Frost

    I am due to complete on buying a brand new house on Friday 11th july 2014 and woder if the house should have been inspected by NHBC Building control before completion, to ascertain any faults etc pre sale.

    I have noticed that wires in the attic are not fixed/clipped and are just running up and over the top of joists, and that insultaion is not laid in the roof space either. What has been laid is of 100mm thinck only and having built a house recently myself, I had to install 300mm minimum of insulation?

    My concern is, if I buy the house and, if I am right, the house cannot have passed building control inspection, am I liable for problems with my insurance, with NHBC, with the developers etc…also, should my solicitor have checked that this certificate was in place prior to completion.

    My solicitor has been asked for clarification on several points, but he has messed up on so many issues I have no confidence in him and frankly wonder if he knows what he is doing with the mess ups I have had to sort out for him!

    If an NHBC Building Control compliance certificate has been issued and the build is clearly not correct, what do I do then? Bearing in mind this house is costing me £400,000 I am extremely worried. Who would be at fault ultimately.

    Thank you to anyone who can help

    Richard Watters
    Richard Watters

    NHBC is one of the Warranties available, used by most of the major house builders. There are other warranty providers who offer a similar product.

    These warranties are not mandatory although most reputable house builders offer them (apart from anything else they give Buyers confidence).

    However any new home must have Buildings Regulations approval. If you are not offered a warranty you should ask the Builder for a copy of the Completion certificate before you complete on the purchase.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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