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    Been looking on your website and with the new announcement about Help to Buy I’m wondering if this is a good time to be selling and trading up. I notice you recommend selling in the Spring when possible, so is it better to try and sell a house now, before prices go up (which seems likely with Help to Buy) or wait until the market is better for selling houses, and so when mine should sell for more e.g. next Spring. Been weighing this up and talking to friends etc but can’t make my mind up about the best house selling time.

    Richard Watters
    Richard Watters

    I’m afraid I don’t have a crystal ball!

    However I think trying to catch the market is tricky, and the difference it will make in the long term is not that great. So my advice is always to sell when the other reasons (other than financial) make sense.

    If it really doesn’t matter to you whether you sell your house now or in 6 months time then I’d spend the next few months making your house as saleable as possible – see here

    Then get 3 Estate Agents round in February to give you plenty of time to negotiate yourself a good deal with them, ready for putting the property on the market in March.



    There is no need to wait for the seasons for selling the house. These days market prices of real estate are fluctuating at any time. People who are in need of the house can buy it any time. You can look here for Legal Services for Businesses and Real Estate Investors, may be it will help you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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