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    We have been informed due to a delay in completion our vendors are claiming compensation for storage, lodging, food and travel expenses, this amounts to around £900 on a purchase price of £195k(with a £65k deposit).

    Some background:

    * My partner bought the house and is Polish and this is her first house purchase in the UK
    *Her solicitors where almost impossible to get hold of on the phone and only answered there message system once at the very end of a day
    *whilst they did advise her completion would be on a Friday they did not mention that 1PM was the cut off to get all the deposit to them
    * On completion day when she tried to transfer the balance for completion(£47k) her bank would ony authorise £25k online
    *She went to a branch to do a CHAPs payment but was refused as her account is under her maiden name and not her married name
    *As she had no ID in her maiden name(bar her Polish ID which the bank refused to accept) and all her other ID was in Poland or lost they flatly refused to transfer anymore than £25k on the day
    *This caused a delay in completion and her solicitor would do nothing to help that included even accepting a VISA payment or bridging loan….or even everyone to move their belongings but not exchange keys.
    * The solicitor flatly refused to accept firstly that they should have informed her all this should happen pre 1pm on completion day nor that she may have issues transferring the remaining money on the day due to restrictions….they have basically said she should have known it all and washed their hands of it
    * Completion was held up until the Monday after the weekend when everything went through as she transferred the remaining money over the weekend.
    *Now the vendors have claimed compensation for the delay knowing it was obviously completely unintentional, that my partner is 8 months pregnant, has never bought a house in the UK and was reduced to tears in the bank and through the day for not completing
    *She/we also incurred heft cost of around £500 for having to retain a van we rented, hotel, food and other expenses that we paid for from our own pocket.

    So thats the background. I dont know if its worth just paying it all, making a counter offer(my preferred option) or saying lets go to court and see(maybe that the nuclear option??)

    Also not only will my partner give birth in mid Jan but we are not exactly flush so this £900 would severely damage our finances and mean cutting back on things for the baby that we planned.

    Could we make a counter offer and a payment plan of X per month? Is that an option?
    Would very much appreciate any feedback on this.

    Many thanks.

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