7 House Selling Tips – that Don’t Cost a Penny!

7 House Selling Tips – that Don’t Cost a Penny!

I see lots of properties that people are selling, or thinking of selling. So many of them can be made much more sale-able with a just bit of time and effort, and without spending any money.

Here’s my 7 Top House Selling Tips to help you sell your house without spending any money:

  1. Clean it! That doesn’t mean getting the vacuum cleaner out for 10 minutes. It means a proper spring clean – washing every surface, scrubbing every stain, bleaching the grout between tiles, washing every window inside and out. Use cleaning materials with a light fragrance. The standard you’re aiming for is how you’d expect to find a room in a top hotel.
  2. Tidy the house. The only things that should be seen are things that should be seen. Newspapers and magazines, toys, food packaging and clothing should all be out of sight.
  3. Tidy the garden. Prune, cut, weed. Get rid of old outdoor toys and hide the bins.
  4. Make it light. Allow as much natural light to enter as possible (draw back blinds, curtains wide open). Switch lights on in any rooms that seem dark.
  5. Get rid of nasty smells. If you have pets, or smoke, or even cook, your house will smell – although you’ll be so used to it, you won’t notice. A good clean will have helped but use a smell neutraliser to eliminate any lingering aroma.
  6. Add nice smells. Corny it might be but there’s nothing nicer than freshly brewed coffee and fresh bread. Avoid air fresheners – most people don’t like the smell of these and it could appear that you’re trying to hide a bad smell.
  7. Add flowers (ok, this one might cost you a couple of quid, although a few flowers from your garden are just as effective if you have them).

To some of you the above will be blindingly obvious. In my experience though, very few people get 7 out of 7!

By Richard Watters

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