The best time to sell your house

The best time to sell your house

Let me start by telling you when the worst time to put your house on the market is.

The answer: Between November 1st and December 31st.


  1. The clocks go back at the end of October. From November the days are getting shorter and colder. People go out less. Grey late Autumn and winter days make some people less enthusiastic about life in general.
  2. Christmas is coming. We’re bombarded by adverts, Christmas decorations start to appear. No-one wants to be moving house over Christmas or New Year.
  3. People have less money. Christmas to blame again.
  4. Property is at its least appealing. Why do Estate Agents take photographs of new properties on bright sunny days (or use Photoshop to change the colour of the sky!)? A property, especially one with a nice garden, looks so much better in Spring or Summer than it does in Winter.

So when is the best time to sell?

Of course the best time to sell is the opposite of the above. Put your house on the market when:

  1. When the clocks have gone forward so that we have lighter evenings and the days are getting longer.
  2. There are no major distractions like Christmas or other holidays.
  3. People have (hopefully!) recovered from the Christmas spending binge.
  4. Blossom is appearing on the trees and flowers are adding colour to the gardens.
  5. Most important of all – the next November and December are a long way away!

The ideal time to put a property on the market is two weeks before Easter. In addition to everything above, the long Easter bank holiday weekend is coming up so people have plenty of time too (ready for the ‘buying season’).

Don’t worry that you’ve missed the boat. If you miss Easter you still have all Spring and Summer to sell.

Even in this market, if you can’t agree a sale within 3 months there is either something wrong with the property, or the price (or both).

But the weeks and months go by quickly; so the sooner you get your house on the market, the better.

If you do need to put your house on the market in the last two months of the year, make sure it is well presented and well priced.

You’ll have a smaller pool of potential buyers so you need to attract the ones who are around.

Although, unless you absolutely have to sell now, I’d wait until after Christmas.

Or, if you don’t have a critical deadline, wait until two weeks before Easter. Use the time until then to get your property into the best shape you can ready for the buying season.

by Richard Watters

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